Registering your pharmacy for QCPP accreditation is easy - simply complete a registration form and follow the steps below, then we'll arrange your first accreditation assessment.

Steps to QCPP accreditation

  1. Register for QCPP accreditation by completing the QCPP Pharmacy Registration form
  2. Purchase a copy of the Australian Standard AS 85000:2011: Quality Care Pharmacy Standard - quality management system for pharmacies in Australia
  3. Access the QCPP Requirements Manual from Knowledge Hub (when you register for QCPP accreditation we will send you login details for Knowledge Hub)
  4. Review the 18 elements of the QCPP requirements
  5. Develop an operations manual by customising the sample policies, procedures and templates available in Knowledge Hub
  6. Complete our Assessment Guide checklist, to ensure you have all appropriate evidence ready for assessment
  7. Let us know that you are ready for your assessment, either by calling us on 1300 363 340 or emailing We will then advise our assessment partner, EY, that you are ready to arrange a date for your first on-site accreditation assessment. The EY Communications Map provides more information on this process.

Our Steps to Accreditation document provides more details on the process of getting ready for your first assessment.

Further information on arranging and preparing for your assessment is available on our scheduling and preparing for your assessment pages.