After your assessment there are still a few steps before your pharmacy's accreditation or reaccreditation can be confirmed

Remote assessments

If you have just completed your assessment remotely, there are three key steps take in order to finish the process. View the table explaining the steps in more details.

Remedial actions

At the end of your on-site assessment, you may have received some remedial actions, or non-conformances, that you will need to address before your pharmacy's accreditation can be processed.

You will need to send evidence of how you have addressed the remedial actions directly to EY by emailing You have up to 90 days from the date of your assessment to send EY your evidence, however, it's best to send in your evidence as soon as possible to ensure it can be processed before the deadline.

Remedial action extension
If you have any outstanding remedial actions 90 days after the assessment date, your pharmacy may be issued a Failure to Complete and will have to undergo and pay for another assessment. In exceptional circumstances, if you are unable to complete your remedial actions within 90 days, you can apply for an extension by completing a Remedial Action Extension Request form.

Remedial action review
If you wish to dispute a remedial action issued, please complete a Remedial Review Request form and the QCPP Interpretations and Rulings Panel will assess your application. If you are not satisfied with the outcome of your Remedial Review Request you may lodge an appeal by emailing or completing a feedback form.

Should you wish to dispute any remedial action issued, please complete a Remedial Review Request form for the QCPP Interpretations and Rulings Panel for review.

Completing your pharmacy's accreditation

Within 14 calendar days of your assessment date, EY will send you a QCPP Assessment Interim Report outlining any remedial actions identified during your assessment. Once any remedial actions have been addressed, EY will send you an email confirming that all your remedial actions have been completed.

Around the time of your assessment date, you will receive your QCPP annual invoice. More information on QCPP's fees is available on our fees page.

Once EY has confirmed all your remedial actions have been completed and your annual QCPP invoice has been paid, we will post out to you your accreditation pack. The accreditation pack contains your accreditation certificate, accreditation schedule and window decal.