In March 2020, as a result of the COVID-19 pandemic, QCPP transitioned to a streamlined remote assessment model. During the transition, QCPP was committed to reviewing the program regularly and listening to feedback from the industry to make continuous improvements to the program.

Following the positive feedback on the remote assessment model, QCPP will continue conducting assessments remotely.

Five Domains of Quality

Quality Care 2020 introduces 5 domains to enhance the QCPP accreditation process and align with your business operations. Within each domain, the QCPP Requirements continue to promote industry innovation to enable greater flexibility for your business, whilst aligning with contemporary industry standards.

Infographics of 5 domains

Preparing for your assessment

Quality Care 2020 assessments are conducted remotely over a 7-day period via a streamlined assessment process ensuring compliance across a range of high-risk areas in the pharmacy.

Pharmacies are encouraged to prepare in the same way they would for an on-site assessment, making the most of the resources available on the Quality Care 2020 Knowledge Hub.

Download QC2020 Remote Assessment Preparation Checklist

Protecting Privacy: How to Redact Information

Visit the Quality Care 2020 Knowledge Hub

Changes to Quality Care 2020

To help you prepare for your assessment, we have created summaries of the changes that came into effect from 1 October 2022. These documents include various resources pertinent to additions to the assessment model.

Quality Care 2020 Version 1.1 Summary

Video Component Summary

Pharmacy Support Sessions

QCPP hosts regular webinars to provide support to pharmacies approaching their Quality Care 2020 assessment. The latest webinar was held in September 2022 and provides insight into preparing for an assessment as well as details on the updates to Quality Care 2020 Version 1.1 and the addition of the Video Component to remote assessments.

Download the Pharmacy Support PowerPoint

QCPP will continue hosting live Pharmacy Support Sessions to assist pharmacies that are approaching a Quality Care 2020 assessment. If your assessment is coming up, keep an eye on your emails for support information or an invitation.

Assessment process

Quality Care 2020 Assessments are a streamlined process conducted remotely via the QCPP Customer Portal. Pharmacies have 7-days to submit evidence against a range of high-risk areas.

For a detailed overview of when you can expect to hear form us during the assessment, check out the Communications Map.

QC2020 Assessment Process

What to expect during your Remote Assessment

On the day of your remote assessment at approximately 8:00am AEST, a tailored set of assessment questions will be available on your QCPP Customer Portal. You will then be able to commence the assessment and should:

  • Compile relevant and current policies, procedures, records and evidence. Take photos as required
  • Ensure data privacy by redacting any evidence which includes confidential or private details
  • Submit assessment evidence on the QCPP Customer Portal within the 7 calendar day period.

Your QCPP assessor will arrange a video call (via Zoom) during the assessment week to:

  • Answer any questions you may have regarding the assessment process or evidence required
  • Ask you questions as part of the assessment. These questions will require you to explain a specific activity or process performed in your pharmacy and provide a visual inspection of some areas in the pharmacy.
  • Arrange a time with you for a final call to discuss the findings of the assessment.

The QCPP assessor will assess evidence by:

  • Desktop review of relevant policies and procedures, records and evidence
  • Discussions with a representative from your pharmacy
  • Visual inspection and observations of premises, stock and equipment (where applicable)

Your QCPP assessor will contact you after the assessment week to:

  • Discuss assessment outcomes, including corrective actions identified
  • Outline the next steps of the QCPP accreditation process
  • Answer any questions you may have regarding the assessment

You will receive a copy of the interim report within 14 calendar days after the assessment period closes.

Quality Care 2020 Knowledge Hub

The Quality Care 2020 Knowledge Hub is your one-stop-shop for resources, references, frequently asked questions, support videos and more, designed to help you understand the new Requirements and prepare for your assessments.

Log in to access the new Requirements and learn more about the Five Domains of Quality.

Visit the Quality Care 2020 Knowledge Hub

Remote assessment checklist

If your  accreditation date is on or after 1 October 2022, you will be assessed under the changes of Quality Care 2020 Version 1.1. This includes a video call with your assessor which will allow pharmacies to supply evidence for a range of visual and verbal components of the assessment process. You can access frequently asked questions about these changes here.

To help you prepare for your remote assessment, read the pre-assessment checklist, which breaks down key steps in the remote assessment model.


Assessment evidence cannot be uploaded after your assessment has been submitted or after the 7 calendar day period.

Corrective actions will be issued for any assessment criteria that was not responded to, or where the evidence provided did not meet the requirements.

Learn more about what to expect after your assessment by visiting After your Assessment.

On-site assessments

QCPP suspended on-site assessments in March 2020 in response to the COVID-19 pandemic. Following positive feedback on the remote assessment model, QCPP will continue to conduct assessments remotely under Quality Care 2020.


If you have any questions, please email or phone the QCPP Helpline 1300 363 340 to speak to a member of the QCPP Support Team.