Remedial Action Extension Request

A Remedial Action Required is a type of Corrective Action from your Quality Care 2020 assessment that identifies an area of moderate risk where improvements are required for the pharmacy’s systems, processes or procedures to eliminate causes of non-compliance and avoid possible long-term business practice failure.

To remedy this, pharmacies must identify a corrective action within 90 days of receiving the interim report and provide evidence on the QCPP Customer Portal to close the corrective action.

For more information, please complete the Introducing Corrective Actions short course or visit the Quality Care 2020 Knowledge Hub.


You may apply for an extension on the QCPP Customer Portal under the Extension Requests tab in the Your Pharmacy Details section, if you require more time to complete your remedial action required due to extenuating circumstances.

Please note however that this may impact your eligibility for certain Community Pharmacy Agreement Programs payments and contractual arrangements. Please note extensions are not available for non-conformances.


If you need any assistance, please email or phone the QCPP Helpline 1300 363 340 to speak to a member of the QCPP Support Team.