Quality Care 2020 commencing remotely in October

The past few months have presented considerable challenges to pharmacies around the country, which has reinforced the essential role of community pharmacy in Australia.

I last spoke to you in March, at the beginning of the pandemic, where we faced a great deal of uncertainty on what the year ahead might look like. It was during this time we announced QCPP would transition to a remote assessment model for the foreseeable future.

As we transitioned to remote assessments, we were committed to reviewing the program regularly and listening to feedback from the industry to make continuous improvements to the program.

Since commencing in May, we have had more than 570 pharmacies complete their assessment remotely. During that time, we are pleased to have received such a wide range of positive feedback from pharmacies on the flexibility of the new remote assessment process.

As we prepare to transition to Quality Care 2020 in October 2020, we have been closely monitoring the COVID-19 pandemic environment and what QCPP assessments look like in the future.

Following the positive feedback on the remote assessment model and the ongoing uncertainty caused by COVID-19, we have decided to continue conducting assessments remotely as we transition to Quality Care 2020 in October 2020.

We have undertaken an extensive review of the remote assessment process, ensuring a robust assessment can occur via a streamlined process, maintaining the integrity of your pharmacy business practices whilst allowing time for you to focus on your role.

You can find more information below, including how to prepare for a remote assessment under Quality Care 2020.

As a community pharmacist myself, I understand the immense pressure faced by the industry. The need to maintain compliance and quality standards is more important than ever.

Yours sincerely,

Simon Blacker
Chair, QCPP Working Group

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Remote assessment pharmacy feedback included...

The remote set up of the assessment was fantastic. It really suited our pharmacy. Due to the busy nature of pharmacy and especially being in a remote part of Australia where it is hard to get pharmacist cover, the remote process of assessment was much better suited to us. 

I was very satisfied how things were conducted remotely, I think the new version will be a lot easier to work with.

The process of remote assessment was so good, I really liked it and I think it would be a preferred way to do it in the future

Transitioning to Quality Care 2020

Our primary mechanism for all QCPP assessments moving forward will be remote assessment.

We are committed to continuously monitoring feedback on the assessment model and formally notify you if any changes are made to the process.

Preparing for your assessment

If your accreditation date is on or after Thursday 1 October 2020, you will be assessed under Quality Care 2020 in a remote assessment.

Quality Care 2020 marks a major innovation for the program, with revised and updated Requirements that are less prescriptive and allow increased flexibility and innovation in the pharmacy. Pharmacies are encouraged to customise policies and procedures and to integrate modern approaches and new technologies into their businesses and quality management systems.

The Quality Care 2020 Knowledge Hub is your one-stop-shop for resources, references, frequently asked questions, support videos and more, designed to help you understand the new Requirements and prepare for your assessments.

Quality Care 2020 Knowledge Hub


If you have any questions, the QCPP Support Team is here to help — please email help@qcpp.com or phone the QCPP Helpline on 1300 363 340 (9am-5pm AEST).

To stay informed about Quality Care 2020, visit the QCPP website.