The feedback received from pharmacies that participated in the October 2017 pilot of the new Requirements is being incorporated into the program in preparation for its national roll-out. QCPP thanks all participating pharmacies for their valuable input.

We believe that for QCPP to be a useful business enhancement tool we need to allow sufficient time to undertake a comprehensive review process. This includes input and oversight from business owners and subject matter experts with extensive experience and understanding of the diversity of community pharmacy businesses.

Once the revised requirements have been published, we also need to allow sufficient time to implement a comprehensive communication and education strategy to ensure you understand the new requirements and what is expected to integrate them into your business.

For this reason, QCPP have created the QCPP Reform Working Group to oversee and provide ongoing input into the revised QCPP Requirements and reform materials, as well as provide oversight and input into the implementation, timelines and risk assessment.

QCPP Working Group membership includes representatives and subject matter experts with an extensive understanding of small business pharmacies: Guild and non-Guild member pharmacies, pharmacy business management, pharmacy owners, independent pharmacies, banner groups, implementation support, finance and accounting, including representation of pharmacies that participated in the pilot of the revised requirements.

"The QCPP Reform Working Group's aim is to provide guidance, input and feedback into the revised requirements and advice on practical aspects of implementation. We want to ensure that the QCPP framework developed supports pharmacies to enhance their business model, remain viable and service the needs of their patients and customers to be the pharmacy of the future" Nick Panayiaris, Chair, Pharmacy Transformation Committee.

The QCPP Reform Working Group had their first meeting on the 1st of February. Following this, a comprehensive education and communication strategy will be rolled out to ensure pharmacies have the opportunity to access, discuss and implement the new Requirements before transition to assessment against them begins.

QCPP is committed to understanding what is best for your business needs, focusing on helping your pharmacy business run smoothly. We will continue to work with you, and support you, as we reform QCPP together.

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