QCPP Reform 2020 Update

Its been a while since we provided you an update on the QCPP reform. Since our last update the QCPP Reform has renewed focus on developing a modernised and improved QCPP for community pharmacies, in accordance with the 2017 Quality Care Community Pharmacy Standard.
QCPP is currently working towards QCPP Reform 2020, and you can view the current timeline on the QCPP website.

The goal of the reform is to develop a contemporary quality management system that helps community pharmacies operate efficiently and meet the needs of the business and the community whilst offering the flexibility to customise the system if the pharmacy chooses to do so.

During the development of QCPP Reform 2020, the QCPP team will undertake a comprehensive communication and education strategy to ensure the revised QCPP is understood and implemented in community pharmacies.

Last year, QCPP conducted a pilot of QCPP revised Requirements v3.1, with selected community pharmacies across the country. A comprehensive review of the pilot outcomes has been undertaken and these outcomes are being used to inform the development of QCPP Reform 2020, which includes further refinement of QCPP Requirements v3.2.

Pharmacies do not currently need to do anything in order to prepare for the revised program. All QCPP assessments in 2018/19 financial year will be administered under the existing program.

Ongoing Communication

Ongoing communication regarding QCPP Reform 2020 will be available via:

The QCPP team is available to help with any questions or queries you may have about the reform of QCPP. Call the QCPP Helpline on 1300 363 340 (9am-5pm) or email help@qcpp.com.

December QCPP Knowledge Hub Updates

The QCPP Interpretations and Rulings Panel routinely meet to discuss, consider and make timely decisions on queries relating to the application of QCPP requirements. The Panel will also provide recommendations to update or amend rulings listed on the QCPP Knowledge Hub, to ensure consistent application of the QCPP requirements. Please find below a revised rulings recently made by the QCPP Interpretations and Ruling's Panel:

  • 2.7.2: If a robotic dispensing system is in place, what are the Cytotoxic labelling requirements?

Please click on the button below to log in and view these rulings on the Hub. If you require either a login to the hub or you have lost your login details, please complete a QCPP Knowledge Hub Login online request form here.

November 2018 QCPP statistics

Number of QCPP assessments completed in November:
NSW:72 VIC:41 QLD:47 SA:31 ACT:6 WA:19 TAS:3 NT:0 Australia-wide: 219

Percentage of pharmacies currently QCPP accredited:
NSW: 95.1% VIC:91.3% QLD:94.3% SA:96.7% ACT:97.4% WA:95.8% TAS:95.3% NT:95% Australia-wide:94.3%