Assessments Suspended due to COVID-19

We understand the current focus of community pharmacy is the well-being of patients and the ongoing requirements of your business.  

Ensuring your pharmacy is well equipped to deliver quality services during this unprecedented time is a key priority for all of us. QCPP is a framework to support the industry in preparing for various situations and we now face the unprecedented impact of COVID-19.  

This is now time for implementation of those plans and a focus on your patients rather than the workload that may come with preparing for an accreditation assessment.

To allow adequate time for you and your team to prepare for QCPP assessments, we have decided to suspend all QCPP assessments at least until the end of April 2020 at this stage.

The QCPP Team will monitor the situation and develop further communication with respect to the future audits in the coming weeks. This will provide further detail on all aspects of the program however, for now, our focus is providing surety so you can deliver vital services to the community.

If you are due for reaccreditation within this timeframe, you will automatically receive an extension and we will be in contact to confirm these arrangements.

Quality Care 2020

As you know, the new Quality Care 2020 (QC2020) program is due to commence from July 2020.

As a result of the suspension of all QCPP assessments, we will be implementing a delay to the commencement of QC2020. 

We would like to ensure all pharmacies due to be assessed under the new QC2020 Requirements and those impacted by any delay to the current program have appropriate time to understand the changes before the program commences. 

A decision in relation to the delay will be made by the end of March and will again, provide a consistent and timely transition process for all Community Pharmacies.

We will have more information available on the QCPP Website and Quality Care 2020 Knowledge Hub in the coming weeks and months to support you in the transition to Quality Care 2020.


If you have any questions, the QCPP Support Team is here to help — please email or phone the QCPP Helpline on 1300 363 340 (9am-5pm AEDT).

To stay informed about Quality Care 2020, visit the Quality Care 2020 website.