Happy Birthday QC2020 and Top 5 Corrective Actions

Happy Birthday Quality Care 2020!

We are delighted to celebrate one year since launching Quality Care 2020.
In that time, more than 3,000 pharmacies have been successfully accredited under the new requirements. Congratulations!

In the last 12 months community pharmacy has faced some incredible challenges, but amongst this we continue to see your commitment to the delivery of quality, safe and consistent care to the community.

We look forward to seeing pharmacies completing accreditation under the Quality Care Pharmacy Program for many years to come and sharing the journey of quality improvement into a safer future.

Your feedback about the QC2020 remote assessment program

“I like the ability to serve customers... then come back to the assessment”

“Remote is so much easier to accommodate”

“[The remote process] allowed me to work through the assessment at my own pace"

If you would like to give feedback about your experience or anything about QCPP, please contact the QCPP Support Team.

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Top Five Corrective Actions

We have made a list of the top five Corrective Actions from the last six months of Quality Care 2020.

To learn more about the Corrective Actions framework, check out the Corrective Actions Short Course in the Quality Care 2020 Knowledge Hub.

1. Failure to redact personal information

Due to the highly sensitive nature of the personal information we receive, it is critical to ensure certain personal details are un-identifiable, which protects not only the individuals in question but also the staff and pharmacy itself.

Each assessment question has different requirements and failing to redact the correct details are the most common cause of Corrective Actions.

We have recently made improvements to the redaction requirements. Learn more about what to redact on the QCPP Website.

2. Missing Staged Supply records

Staged Supply records require copies of signed agreements with the consumer and a record of each medicine supplied with date, time, quantity, and signatures of supply receipt from the consumer and the pharmacist.

Missing times and signatures of receipt are common causes of Corrective Actions.

Learn more about Staged Supply records on Domain 5 of the QC2020 Knowledge Hub.

3. Missing In-pharmacy medicine review details

In-pharmacy medicine review records (i.e. MedsCheck records) require copies of the medication profiles with establishment dates, dates of any changes and review dates; and also requires a record of activities, strategies and pharmacist names.

Missing strategies, activities and recommendations are common causes of Corrective Actions.

Learn more about in-pharmacy medicine review records on Domain 5 of the QC2020 Knowledge Hub.

4. Out of date professional indemnity insurance

Professional indemnity insurance needs to be for the pharmacy as well as each individual health professional, including non-pharmacists.

Out of date certificates of currency being uploaded are common causes of Corrective Actions.

We have recently made improvements to the insurance requirements, now accepting signed declarations of professional indemnity cover for individual health professionals. Learn more about this under Domain 1 FAQs for Risk Management in the Knowledge Hub.

5. Missing documents for absence from work certificates

Absence from work certificates need both a record of consult and a copy of the certificate.

Failure to provide both documents is a common cause of Corrective Action.

Learn more about absence from work certificates on Domain 5 of the QC2020 Knowledge Hub.


If you have any questions, the QCPP Support Team is here to help — please email help@qcpp.com or phone the QCPP Helpline on 1300 363 340 (9am-5pm AEST).

To stay informed about Quality Care 2020, visit the Quality Care 2020 website.