Corrective Action Spotlight

Corrective actions identify areas where improvements to a pharmacy’s systems, processes or procedures are required.

These improvements are aimed at eliminating causes of non-compliance and avoiding possible long-term business practice failure.

Under Quality Care 2020, corrective actions are divided into categories based on the level of risk they pose to consumers and the pharmacy business.


When a non-conformance is issued, your pharmacy will have 60 days from the date the interim report is available to complete a Root Cause Analysis on the QCPP Customer Portal and close the non-conformance.

Extensions for Non-Conformances will not be granted as these are major risk areas that have been identified within the business.

Remedial Actions

When a Remedial Action Required has been issued, your pharmacy will have 90 Days from the date your interim report is available to provide evidence to the QCPP Customer Portal.

Pharmacies may be granted up to a 3-month extension if a valid reason is provided.

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Non-conformances and Remedial Actions

Exceptional Circumstances highlight

Pharmacies that request a change to their allocated assessment date must adhere to QCPP’s Exceptional Circumstances policy to have their proposed date change accepted.

All pharmacies should be ready to be assessed under the program rules at any point, and therefore variations to the allocated assessment date can only be granted in exceptional circumstances.

Read Exceptional Circumstances Policy

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