Christmas Compliance

As we approach the festive season, QCPP would like to remind accredited pharmacies that chocolate or confectionery that contains alcohol or include alcoholic beverages in marketing, cannot be sold in the pharmacy. The QCPP requirements related to this subject intend to ensure that pharmacy stock and services emphasise pharmacy as a healthcare destination.

Please see the current QCPP Knowledge Hub entry below:

8.2.1 - Can chocolate or confectionery that contains alcohol or includes alcoholic beverages (for example Jim Beam) in its marketing, be sold in the pharmacy?

No. Chocolate or confectionery that contains alcoholic beverages or flavourings (for example Jim Beam, champagne truffles etc.) in its marketing cannot be sold, as this is a form of promoting alcoholic beverages.

QCPP Knowledge Hub Updates:
The QCPP Interpretations and Rulings Panel routinely meet to discuss, consider and make timely decisions on queries relating to the application of QCPP requirements. The Panel will also provide recommendations to update or amend rulings listed on the QCPP Knowledge Hub, to ensure consistent application of the QCPP requirements.

Please find below new and revised rulings recently made by the QCPP Interpretations and Ruling's Panel:

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  • 5.2.3: In a pharmacy that has limited shop space, is it acceptable to keep items such as confectionery or cosmetic promotions on a counter that is located within the Professional Services Area?
  • 5.2.6: Why does QCPP require the pharmacy to have a Professional Services Area?
  • 9.5.2: Is it mandatory for a pharmacy to display price labels?

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Update on QCPP revised requirements

  • The revised requirements are currently undergoing a revision process that will ensure they are relevant and meet your pharmacy's business needs.
  • All pharmacies due for assessment in 2018-2019 financial year, will be administered under the current QCPP requirements.

October 2018 QCPP statistics
Number of QCPP assessments completed in October:
NSW:50 VIC:49 QLD:39 SA:24 ACT:2 WA:25 TAS:8 NT:0 Australia-wide: 197

Percentage of pharmacies currently QCPP accredited:
NSW: 95.6% VIC:92.9% QLD:95.1% SA:97.1% ACT:97.4% WA:96.1% TAS:96% NT:97.5% Australia-wide:95%