A common question we receive from pharmacies is whether the QCPP assessors from EY are all accountants. It's a fair question as EY (Ernst & Young) has a traditional background in the accounting field.

Nowadays, EY Australia provides a variety of professional services and employs people from a wide range of backgrounds. Several EY assessors are registered pharmacists, while others are scientists, engineers, and economists, as well as some accountants.

We thought we'd introduce you to two of EY's assessors (if you haven't met one of them already at your on-site assessment!)

Brett Muller is a registered pharmacist with a pharmacy degree from the University of Queensland. Based in Brisbane, Brett has been an assessor with the QCPP program from the beginning (assessing our second ever pharmacy registered in 1998) and has now completed over 2,000 QCPP assessments throughout Australia.

As well as being a lead assessor for QCPP, Brett has been a pharmacy owner and manager, director of a training organisation, and a professional mentor for the Pharmacy Board of Australia.

Brett's top tip for pharmacies: The better prepared you are the smoother the assessment day will be! If you're part of a pharmacy group that doesn't keep certain records on site, make sure you have a copy of them on the day. Also, don’t put the QCPP materials in the cupboard after your assessment, allocate time each month to reviewing part of the program, so when you're next assessment rolls around you're ready to go. 

Joshua Sutcliffe started his professional life as a solicitor in New Zealand. After discovering that life as a solicitor wasn't his calling, Joshua returned to university and completed a Masters in Business Management.  

Joshua then worked as a health, safety, environment & quality manager before joining EY. Joshua's background as a solicitor, and his deep interest in legal and policy compliance, led him to join EY as an assessor. 

Joshua's top tip for pharmacies: Don't stress out. We're not there to catch you out - we are reasonable and want to help!  

Fee credit to pharmacies identified as being negatively impacted due to implementation of revised flat fees
On 1 July 2017 QCPP implemented a $2,200 (ex GST) flat fee payment structure for all pharmacies, which includes one two-yearly on-site assessment.

Since implementation, QCPP were made aware that, as the accreditation cycle is for two years, certain pharmacies may have been financially disadvantaged by the implementation of the flat fee mid-way through their two year cycle.

As per the robust QCPP feedback framework, inclusive of oversight by the QCPP Impartiality Committee, QCPP has determined that the implementation of the flat fee model should only apply to pharmacies on and from their re-accreditation date. Therefore, QCPP will be applying a one-off fee credit to the 2018/19 invoice of affected pharmacies. A fee credit will automatically be applied to the next invoice of affected pharmacies. No further action is required by pharmacies.

QCPP will be notifying all affected pharmacies by email over the next week.

QCPP openly acknowledges and apologises for any inconvenience caused. We are appreciative to the pharmacies that alerted us to this issue.

Following a thorough review process, QCPP has been able to implement a solution to simply and fairly resolve the identified issue. This is indicative of QCPP’s commitment to continuous quality improvement.

QCPP is pleased to have implemented the simplified fee structure. Moreover, through our continuous quality improvement, we have implemented internal efficiencies and have passed on the benefits of this to you through a reduction in fees.

More information on the fee credit, including eligibility criteria and Frequently Asked Questions, is available on the QCPP website.

If you have any questions regarding the fee credit, please contact the QCPP Helpline on 1300 363 340 or email