Flexibility, Innovation and Growth: rolling out a better QCPP

This page describes key enhancements to QCPP which will occur progressively over the next 18 months. It is important you understand how these enhancements will affect your pharmacy.

This page will be progressively updated as materials are developed and become available. The QCPP Helpline 1300 363 340 is available during business hours (ADST) to help you understand these changes.

QCPP is excited to be rolling out improvements to QCPP from July 2017. These changes have been developed in response to your feedback on how QCPP can be a more supportive and relevant program to your pharmacy business.

Key program changes include:

  • Revised QCPP Requirements: Providing greater flexibility for your pharmacy business to innovate and grow.
  • Further enhancing QCPP Assessment: Building on existing improvements with our assessment partner EY to provide more valuable, relevant and customised feedback for your business.
  • Simpler feesA single, flat annual fee, inclusive of one QCPP Assessment every two years
  • Saving time: We are developing easier and more efficient ways for you to interact with us; including a central online portal unique to your pharmacy.

How can I prepare for the revised QCPP Requirements and QCPP Assessment model?

While the revised QCPP Requirements look different, preparing for assessment shouldn’t require much change.  The changes have been driven by customer feedback, and evolution of quality accreditation, where assessment is more flexible in understanding your business' operations.

Accredited pharmacies won’t need to make significant changes to their policies and procedures (Operations Manual).

The following is available to help you understand and apply the revised QCPP Requirements and other program improvements:

Changes will be gradually implemented to ensure you have adequate time to understand program enhancements before your next QCPP Assessment. 

I will be assessed in early 2018. How should I prepare for assessment?

You will be assessed against the QCPP Requirements 2011. However, you will experience some of the improvements to QCPP Assessment already made to the QCPP Assessment model following our partnership with Ernst & Young (EY) which commenced in July 2016. This includes a greater focus on higher-risk non-conformances and reduced duplication in assessment criteria.

You can have confidence to move to greater customising of your procedures, policies and systems.  Your policies and procedures should reflect your desired level of quality and consistency for effective business operations. If your systems meet the intent of the requirement, in terms of quality and safety, this should be recognised at assessment.

If you believe your systems are maintaining high quality and safety and you receive a non-conformance due to the structure of the QCPP Requirements 2011, we encourage you to submit a remedial review request online

Upcoming dates in the roll out of QCPP’s enhancements:

October and November 2017

QCPP Impartiality Sub-Committee review of revised processes and requirements for fairness and integrity

(date to be confirmed early 2018)

Anticipated release of revised QCPP Program Materials, including

  • QCPP Requirements 2017 v3.2
  • QCPP assessment guide: outlines minimum requirements to support pharmacies transition to the revised QCPP Requirements
  • QCPP Handbook: provides guidance as a central reference for pharmacies on the QCPP Terms and Conditions, QCPP Program Rules and related policies which support the operation of the program

Early 2018

Introduction of QCPP customer portal

May 2018

APP2018; QCPP trade stand

no earlier than July 2018 (date to be confirmed early 2018)

Commence assessment against revised QCPP Requirements (full implementation)


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Content last updated: 5 December 2017

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