Tips for transitioning to the QCPP Requirements 2017

Understanding the revised QCPP Requirements

Become familiar with the QCPP Requirements

When reading the QCPP Requirements 2017, the focus of the requirements rests on its intent, and how it relates to business performance, safety and quality.

Apply relevant laws, guidelines and codes

The minimum requirements at assessment include accepted standards described in relevant law and guidelines. In particular, pharmacies should ensure their systems are consistent with:

  • PSA Professional Practice Standards;
  • State pharmacy authority guidelines; and,
  • Relevant Pharmacy Board Guidelines/Codes

These documents describe the minimum level of quality required for competent products/services.  For examples, for dose administration aids services, the following requirements describe the minimum requirements of service operation:

  • PSA Professional Practice Standards – Standard 7 (Dose Administration Aids)
  • PSA Guidelines: Dose Administration Aids Program
  • PBA Guidelines on dose administration aids and staged supply of dispensed medicines
  • Community Pharmacy Agreement Program; program specific guidelines (where relevant)

Use available resources

The following resources are available to help you understand the QCPP Requirements:

  • Flyer: Understanding the QCPP Requirements
  • Flyer: The domains explained
  • Webinar: Flexibility, Innovation, Growth - Introduction to the revised QCPP

Flexibility, innovation, growth; QCPP webinar series

The following webinars are available in the QCPP Knowledge Hub:

  • Introduction to the revised QCPP
  • Pilot assessment program

Transitioning to the revised QCPP Requirements

Operations Manual: don’t start again!

If your pharmacy is accredited, QCPP has recognised you have a functional Operations Manual and quality management system. There is no requirement to restructure your Operations Manual to align to the revised QCPP Requirements. If your Operations Manual works for you, keep it in its current structure.

If you want to change the way your Operations Manual, or intranet is structure, you can have confidence to do so. The Operations Manual/intranet needs to work for your pharmacy. QCPP is working hard to ensure we can understand quality management system structures of each business, rather than encouraging them to conform to a ‘QCPP model’.

We discourage restructuring your Operations Manuals or other aspects of a quality management system solely for the purposes of ‘aligning’ with the revised QCPP Requirements. 

Update your policies and procedures to help your pharmacy meet its business goals and community expectations

The systems you use should help you achieve your business needs and meet community expectations. For example: 

  • Policies and procedures should be used to achieve the level of consistency and quality desired by the business owners/managers.
  • The implementation of procedures should meet the needs and expectations of customers

QCPP encourages customisation of the pharmacy’s quality management system to help pharmacies achieve this.

Focus on helping your pharmacy run smoothly rather than ‘passing’ QCPP Assessment

When released, the QCPP Assessment Guide will be useful to reflect on minimum requirements prior to assessment. When updating your policies and procedures, also think about whether they are meeting customer needs or business needs.

  • Do your procedures reflect what you do? If not, why not?
  • Are they no longer relevant to the current business operations?
  • Do all staff understand how to apply the procedure?

Asking yourself questions like these can help identify ongoing business improvements – which is a key objective of the revised QCPP Requirements.

Look for quality and safety improvement advice from experts

Alerts and guidance from industry organisations, such as professional indemnity insurers, can help guide improvements to safety and quality in pharmacy practice.

Using industry data and alerts, in addition to your pharmacy's data, is an important way to reflect on how your pharmacy functions and identify ways to improve safety, quality and efficiency.

Ask us!

The QCPP team is available to help with any questions of queries you may have about the revised QCPP Requirements, or any of the other changes to QCPP.  Whether it be a question about interpretations, questions about your accreditation or help finding something on the QCPP Knowledge Hub, we are here to assist you.

We can be contacted via:


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