QCPP Requirements 2017

In response to pharmacy feedback and the evolution of quality management systems, QCPP launched refined and refreshed QCPP Requirements 2017 (Version 3.0) in June 2017.

What is the change?

The revised QCPP Requirements are a remapped QCPP model of demonstrating compliance with AS85000:2017 Quality Care Pharmacy Standard – quality management system for pharmacies in Australia. This model contains five domains which support business enhancement and encourage continuous quality improvement and innovation.

The five domains are:
  • Business management and governance
  • Human resources
  • Premises, infrastructure and stock
  • Customer experience
  • Pharmacy services

The revised QCPP Requirements have removed the compliance burden of checklists (red section) and procedures (green section) contained in the 2011 QCPP Requirements (blue folder). Instead, the revised QCPP Requirements adopt relevant standards, guidelines and legislation by reference. This means the QCPP Requirements will look much smaller than the current QCPP Requirements Manual.

If your pharmacy is already successfully QCPP accredited, your existing quality systems will fit the QCPP revised model. You should not have to make major changes to your Operations Manual in the move to the revised QCPP Requirements.

QCPP, with our assessment partner EY tested assessment tools in pilot assessments in October 2017. This pilot is intended to validate assessment tools and QCPP Requirements which have been developed to support a smooth transition to the revised QCPP Requirements. While pilot feedback was generally positive, it is clear more work needs to occur before these materials are ready for a national roll-out.

Assessment against the revised QCPP Requirements is anticipated from mid-2018.


Enhanced QCPP Flyer

How can I access the revised QCPP Requirements?

The revised QCPP Requirements are available on the QCPP Knowledge Hub at www.qcpp.com/knowledgehub 

When will the revised QCPP Requirements start to be assessed?

Based on the pilot feedback, transition to the revised QCPP Requirements will no longer occur on 1 March 2018.

Feedback received demonstrated a need for further review of the new QCPP Requirements and program materials prior to national roll-out.  The revised implementation date will be announced in early 2018, and will be on or after 1 July 2018.

I’ve heard AS85000 has been updated. When will QCPP start assessing against AS85000:2017 Quality Care Community Pharmacy Standard?

AS85000:2017 Quality Care Community Pharmacy Standard (AS85000:2017) was released by Standards Australia and SAI Global in July 2017.

While the QCPP Requirements 2017 were mapped to the consultation draft of this standard, further development work currently is being undertaken to ensure alignment with the published Standard. The aligned version of the QCPP Requirements (excluding complex compounding) will be released to pharmacies in QCPP Requirements 2017 (Version 3.2).

QCPP are currently developing plans to transition to certification of pharmacies against AS85000:2017 in relation to the scope of complex compounding.  QCPP will advise implementation timelines once confirmed, but this will not commence in July 2018. 

QCPP are pleased to advise that accredited pharmacies, and pharmacies working towards QCPP accreditation, will be able to access AS85000:2017 via the QCPP Portal from early 2018. 

QCPP Program Rules

The QCPP Program Rules have been amended to align with the revised QCPP Requirements and include enhanced clarity on how the rules apply to you. The Program Rules have also been split into separate QCPP Program Rules and QCPP Terms and Conditions to make the documents easier to read and understand.

Key changes to the Program Rules

  • Better alignment with AS85000:2017 Quality Care Pharmacy Standard – quality management system for pharmacies in Australia to ensure QCPP assessment can accredit all activities and services of the pharmacy against the pharmacy’s quality management system (QMS).
  • A QCPP Handbook that provides guidance as a central reference for the QCPP Terms & Conditions, QCPP Program Rules, related policies and schedule of fees which support the operation of the program. Release of the QCPP Handbook will occur in 2018.

How will this impact my pharmacy?

Currently only services with a checklist in Element 2 or Element 3 are able to be assessed. The broadened scope of assessment allows for assessment of all business operations and services offered by your pharmacy as part of your QCPP Accreditation. This change addresses feedback that pharmacies wanted their new professional services to be accredited. As such, this rule change allows QCPP to better recognise innovation and service growth in professional services and business operations. As part of this change, information regarding the services offered by the pharmacy will be collected prior to QCPP assessment via the Declaration of Assessment Scope (DAS) form.

How will I access the revised QCPP Rules?

The revised QCPP Rules are currently available within the QCPP Requirements. Once released the revised Program Rules will also be available on the QCPP website via the QCPP Handbook

How will I access the QCPP Handbook?

Once released, the QCPP Handbook will be available on the QCPP website

When do the revised QCPP Rules take effect?

The Program Rules come into effect at a pharmacy’s first assessment against the revised QCPP Requirements.


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