QCPP Forms

Application for use of QCPP logo
If you are accredited and would like to promote your accreditation through use of the QCPP logo (e.g. on pharmacy stationery, website, etc.). Complete this form and QCPP will be in contact shortly after receiving the request.

Request a replacement Certificate or Window Decal
Complete this form if you are an accredited pharmacy and have lost your Certificate or need a replacement window decal, or a confirmation letter of accreditation. 
Pharmacy Registration Form
This form is for pharmacies new to QCPP who want to register. 
Change of Pharmacy Details Form
To be completed within 3 months of change of ownership, relocation or change of other details.
Remedial Action Extension Request Form
Please use this form to apply for an extension if you require more time to complete your Remedial Actions 
Reaccreditation Extension Request Form
Please use this form to apply for an extension if there are circumstances that will impact on your pharmacy being assessed prior to your accreditation date 
 QCPP Expansion of Professional Services Application Form
This form aims to assist pharmacies maintain compliance in line with QCPP Program and Assessment Rules 31 and 32 that relate to the implementation and/or advertising of additional professional services commenced between assessments within the two year accreditation cycle.

Remedial Review Requests (RRR)
The RRR process is available to all QCPP pharmacies following their QCPP assessment. The RRR process provides QCPP pharmacies an avenue to recognise practices or processes that may alter from QCPP requirements however meet the intent of QCPP requirements.  QCPP uses the RRR process to assist in identification of out dated requirements, recognise innovative or unique practices that are in advance of QCPP requirements, and to provide clarity for remedial actions that the pharmacy will need to address. All of which assist in ensuring QCPP continues to meet the needs of QCPP pharmacies. 

To ensure your request is appropriately considered within the required timeframes it is strongly recommended to

  • Complete your RRR as soon as it is identified, this ensures the RRR can be answered within the remedial action period.
  • Clearly outline the
    • Remedial action being queried
    • Rationale for the query, including how the pharmacy model meets the intent of the QCPP requirements.
    • Complete all areas of the electronic form with all required detail.
  • Pharmacies are encouraged to provide supporting information that may include photos to ensure the Interpretations and Rulings panel can review the RRR appropriately. 

To ensure your query is thoroughly considered please provide all relevant information to support the RRR.


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