QCPP Brochures and Guidelines

Why get accredited?

QCPP will ensure you measure and monitor the operation of your pharmacy on a regular basis. This means you can respond to issues faster and more effectively, creating better ways of doing things. The longer you’re accredited and the more refinements you make, the greater the benefits to your customers and business.

Make the most out of your accreditation
Maintenance of the standard and continuous improvement are key to getting the most out of your accreditation.
The importance of reaccreditation
Remaining accredited is essential for business success in an evolving industry.

QCPP Refresher Training Guidelines
After completing initial training, pharmacies must demonstrate that a minimum of three hours of training on the delivery of these medicines has been completed for each year. The Refresher Training Guidelines explains the requirements for QCPP accredited pharmacies.

QCPP Visual Guidelines
Developed for pharmacies to explain how they can use the QCPP logo in promotional materials e.g. signage, stationery.

Quality Tools for Excellence
Quality Improvement Tools that have been tried and tested in a wide range of situations in Australia and internationally and could be adapted to improve the products and services offered in your pharmacy.

QCPP Factsheet - Health Promotion
A one page guide to assist pharmacies implement health promotion activities. This factsheet was adapted from the Healthy Hearts through Community Pharmacy Health Promotion Guide developed by the ACT Branch of the Pharmacy Guild of Australia and funded by the ACT Health Directorate.


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