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Maintaining integrity and enhancing transparency

| Aug 09, 2017

Did you know:

·         All pharmacies pay the same QCPP annual fee?

·         QCPP does not develop AS85000?

The most significant touch point pharmacies have with QCPP is normally in the lead up to and during your QCPP assessment.  But, were you aware of the checks and balances in the background which ensure you get a fair assessment? In this QIP, we describes some of the ways which we ensure integrity and fairness in our program.  

Accrediting to the Australian Standard

QCPP accredits pharmacies to AS85000:2011 Quality Care Pharmacy Standard: A quality management system for pharmacies in Australia (AS85000:2011).  This Standard is developed and revised through a Standards Australia compliant process, which is developed by a committee of relevant industry stakeholders - including consumers, pharmacies and pharmacy organisations. While AS85000 was initially developed from earlier versions of the QCPP Requirements, QCPP is not a party to the ongoing development of AS85000.

The QCPP Requirements reflect the application of AS85000:2011. All requirements of the program are linked to determining compliance with AS85000:2011. 

External oversight

JASANZ (Joint Accreditation Scheme for Australia and New Zealand) are our accrediting body, who oversee QCPP operations. This includes checks of independence in process, systems and decision making.

Commitment to fairness

Governance structures to ingrain fairness

QCPP's impartiality committee oversees the independence of program operations. This includes a mandate to ensure program rules, requirements, policies and audit criteria do not unfairly disadvantage any pharmacy or group of pharmacies.  The committee also oversees complaints handling and appeals.

Conflict of interest management

QCPP and EY have robust conflict of interest policies in place to ensure fair assessment outcomes free of undue influence.  Pharmacies who identify a potential conflict of interest with an assessor, QCPP personnel or other relevant person, please contact help@qcpp.com or 1300 363 340 for a confidential discussion on how the conflict can be managed.

Flat fee structure

All pharmacies pay the same accreditation fees, which included a fee reduction introduced in July 2017.  This fee continues to cover the travel costs incurred in undertaking QCPP assessments in pharmacies across all of Australia. 

Further enhancing transparency of QCPP operations

QCPP is committed to clarity and transparency in the operation of our program. A number of decisions or outcomes are subject to appeal, such as assessment and accreditation outcomes. Some forms of appeal, such as extension requests and remedial review requests can be accessed via our website at https://www.qcpp.com/resources/tools/qcpp-forms. All other appeals can be initiated by emailing help@qcpp.com

Transparency will be further enhanced through the release of the QCPP Handbook later this year, which describes more clearly how QCPP makes decisions, such as accreditation, requests for extensions, review of remedial actions and exceptional circumstances etc.


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