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  • Can I do a MedsCheck with only one pharmacist on duty?

    May 10, 2018

    Providing in-pharmacy medicine reviews, like MedsChecks, is an important service that many pharmacies offer their patients.

    A question pharmacies often ask is whether it is mandatory to have at least two pharmacists on duty during MedsChecks in order to meet QCPP requirements. The answer to this depends on your pharmacy’s operational needs.

    Whilst it is not mandatory for more than one pharmacist to be on duty during a MedsCheck, you must be able to demonstrate that the pharmacist providing the MedsCheck is not dispensing or undertaking other professional duties at the same time. The intent of the requirement is to ensure that the pharmacist and the patient have an uninterrupted consultation.

    In order to adhere to QCPP requirements, your assessor must be confident that if only one pharmacist is on duty whilst a MedsCheck is being conducted, you can demonstrate that they have a system or process in place to ensure their responsibilities for dispensing and the provision of professional services are met.

    During your QCPP assessment your assessor will ask for an explanation, with evidence, of how you manage your personnel resources during in-pharmacy medicine reviews, such as MedsChecks.

    Examples of evidence may include a documented procedure in place to ensure dispensing and professional duties do not occur whilst a MedsCheck is being conducted, a staff roster showing multiple pharmacists on duty, script volume demonstrating peaks and troughs or evidence of performing in-pharmacy medicine reviews outside of your normal operating hours.

    Pharmacies should remain aware of their obligations described in Program Rules for in-pharmacy medicine review services, such as MedsChecks, as QCPP assessment does not specifically assess compliance with these requirements. However, these guidelines may be used to help determine if pharmacist resources for a specific service are adequate.

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  • QCPP - your business assistant - more relevant, more usable, more flexible

    Mar 21, 2018

    The feedback received from pharmacies that participated in the October 2017 pilot of the new Requirements is being incorporated into the program in preparation for its national roll-out. QCPP thanks all participating pharmacies for their valuable input.

    We believe that for QCPP to be a useful business enhancement tool we need to allow sufficient time to undertake a comprehensive review process. This includes input and oversight from business owners and subject matter experts with extensive experience and understanding of the diversity of community pharmacy businesses.

    Once the revised requirements have been published, we also need to allow sufficient time to implement a comprehensive communication and education strategy to ensure you understand the new requirements and what is expected to integrate them into your business.

    For this reason, QCPP have created the QCPP Reform Working Group to oversee and provide ongoing input into the revised QCPP Requirements and reform materials, as well as provide oversight and input into the implementation, timelines and risk assessment.

    QCPP Working Group membership includes representatives and subject matter experts with an extensive understanding of small business pharmacies: Guild and non-Guild member pharmacies, pharmacy business management, pharmacy owners, independent pharmacies, banner groups, implementation support, finance and accounting, including representation of pharmacies that participated in the pilot of the revised requirements.

    "The QCPP Reform Working Group's aim is to provide guidance, input and feedback into the revised requirements and advice on practical aspects of implementation. We want to ensure that the QCPP framework developed supports pharmacies to enhance their business model, remain viable and service the needs of their patients and customers to be the pharmacy of the future" Nick Panayiaris, Chair, Pharmacy Transformation Committee.

    The QCPP Reform Working Group had their first meeting on the 1st of February. Following this, a comprehensive education and communication strategy will be rolled out to ensure pharmacies have the opportunity to access, discuss and implement the new Requirements before transition to assessment against them begins.

    QCPP is committed to understanding what is best for your business needs, focusing on helping your pharmacy business run smoothly. We will continue to work with you, and support you, as we reform QCPP together.

     We are here to help!
    The QCPP team is available to help with any questions or queries you may have about the revised QCPP.
    We can be contacted via:
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  • Strong EY relationship continues

    Dec 14, 2017

    QCPP is pleased to announce a continued relationship with external auditing firm EY for conducting QCPP assessments through to 2022.

    EY have delivered an efficient and consistent model when assessing QCPP pharmacies, which has resulted in a 95% satisfaction rating during their latest customer service survey.

    The continued relationship provides peace of mind and stability for pharmacies as we prepare to roll-out the revised 2017 QCPP Requirements. EY have worked closely with QCPP and the pilot pharmacies to develop an assessment model that meets both the objectives of the Australian Standard and pharmacy operations.

    Updated QCPP T1B Self-Assessment Checklist

    As part of our continuous quality improvement process and to ensure accredited pharmacies have access to current resources, QCPP are pleased to provide an update to the self-assessment checklist (T1B). This update reflects the revised Professional Practice Standards (Version 5) released by the Pharmaceutical Society of Australia in 2017.



    Christmas closures

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