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  • When was the last time you reviewed your DAA procedures?

    Dec 10, 2015

    Following the release of revised Guidelines on Dose Administration Aids and Staged Supply of Dispensed Medicines by The Pharmacy Board of Australia, pharmacies are encouraged to review their systems - including policies, procedures and recording systems - against these guidelines and existing QCPP Requirements as part of their ongoing continuous improvement processes.

    Both QCPP Requirements, and the Pharmacy Board of Australia guidelines contain key risk management and safety requirements to support patient safety and minimise business risk, including:

    • The importance of maintaining an accurate medicine profile for each patient;
    • The supplying pharmacy or pharmacist being professionally responsible for the quality and accuracy of all dose administration aids, included where a third party is involved in the preparation of a DAA; and,
    • The need for clear and easy to understand labelling on DAAs.

    For the purpose of QCPP, the supplying pharmacy is the pharmacy who receives prescriptions and supplies the prescriptions to the consumer or carer. Where packing is undertaken by a third party, the supplying pharmacy must assess the technology and systems use to ascertain whether additional accuracy checking is required before to supplying the DAA to a patient/carer. This is consistent with the Board guidelines which remind supplying pharmacists of their quality use of medicine obligations to their patients.

    More information regarding QCPP Requirements for supplying DAAs can be found on the QCPP Knowledge Hub at www.qcpp.com/knowledgehub.

  • “Yes, you can fail a QCPP assessment”

    Dec 04, 2015

    In the past year there have been a number of pharmacies so unprepared for their QCPP assessment, they have had to go back and work from scratch and then be reassessed in order to maintain their accreditation.

    We know that there are many priorities in pharmacy, however waiting until the last minute to prepare for your QCPP assessment not only puts you and your staff under undue stress, you are also doing yourself a disservice by not using QCPP in your day to day work flow.  QCPP has been designed specifically for community pharmacy to not only provide support and guidance on professional services, the program also provides support and guidance to your business operations.

    QCPP is all about integration into your day-to-day work flow. Instead of waiting for the “last minute” embrace QCPP and make it part of your everyday professional and business operations.  

    For more information on how you can integrate QCPP into your everyday business, contact your QCPP State Manager.

  • QCPP accreditation and selling your pharmacy

    Dec 04, 2015

    QCPP encourages owners who sell their pharmacy while undergoing QCPP accreditation to ensure negotiations are made during the sale of the pharmacy to ascertain who would be undertaking the assessment and payment of QCPP related invoices prior to the pharmacies accreditation date.

    Important Information:

    • If the new pharmacy owners are taking over all QCPP requirements they should contact QCPP and complete the Change of Pharmacy Status form at www.qcpp.com/resources/tools/qcpp-forms as soon as transfer of ownership occurs and request the invoice be issued in the new owner’s details to save on transferring payments in the future.
    • Be aware of any upcoming PPI payments or outstanding invoices when preparing sale contracts for the pharmacy and make sure provisions are made for any reimbursements.
    • QCPP accreditation belongs to the business entity therefore the pharmacy is entitled to the membership benefits of QCPP.


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