QCPP Requirements Manual

As part of the QCPP continuous quality improvement process and to ensure accredited pharmacies have access to the very latest resources, the QCPP manual has been enhanced to provide a more user-friendly experience. Community pharmacy continues to innovate and develop, and as such the QCPP Requirements Manual has evolved with it.

The majority of changes relate to the supply of therapeutic goods (Element 2) and professional services (Element 3). New materials have been developed for services not previously assessed, such as staged supply, disease state management and medicines adherence. Existing QCPP materials relating to interprofessional collaboration, screening and risk assessment, dose administration aids and clinical interventions have undergone substantial review. 


Please Note:  From 1st January 2016, QCPP will cease selling the paper based Requirements Manual. Each QCPP accredited pharmacy or any pharmacy undergoing reaccreditation will be required to either:

  • own a current hard copy QCPP Requirements Manual or,
  • an electronic version of both the requirements manual and Australian Standard 85000 Quality Care Pharmacy Standard

To meet QCPP Requirements, the pharmacy will need to have access to the electronic manual and the AS 85000:2011: Quality Care Pharmacy Standard(Australian Standard), which can be purchased directly from SAI Global:

Manual Updates

Manual updates are released as required, but no more than twice a year. The Manual Updates are available for download from the QCPP Knowledge Hub

Additional QCPP Manuals and Folders

Operations Manual
This is a green folder designed to accommodate a pharmacy’s operations manual. Contact your QCPP State Manager to obtain a copy of this folder.

Evidence Folder
This is a red folder which was recently enhanced with new tabs and a larger binder to better fit the necessary documents required for evidence during an assessment.  Contact your QCPP State Manager to obtain a copy of this folder.

Professional Services Folder
This is an orange folder designed to store any resources relating to professional services your pharmacy offers. Contact your QCPP State Manager to obtain a copy of this folder.


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