Why Become Accredited?

There are many benefits to becoming an accredited pharmacy in the Quality Care Pharmacy Program (QCPP). By increasing the number of accredited pharmacies in Australia, the QCPP aims to ensure that community pharmacies provide a uniformed approach when delivering professional services and customer care.

QCPP accreditation also encourages strong support for restrictions relating to the ownership of pharmacies, and the sale of Pharmacy Medicines and Pharmacist Only Medicines in community pharmacies.

Benefits in brief

  • Improved performance of the pharmacy team in delivering a consistently high level of service to customers.
  • Increased staff empowerment and higher levels of productivity.
  • Improved business management as a result of properly-documented processes.
  • Higher levels of customer satisfaction in the quality of the services that the pharmacy delivers.

Benefits for pharmacy proprietors 

  • Confidence that your business is run according to best practice standards.
  • Identification with a recognised quality assurance program.
  • Development of a Pharmacy Operations Manual designed to meet the QCPP Standard and your pharmacy’s needs.
  • Confidence that your staff will know what to do and say in any given situation.
  • Comprehensive induction training for new staff tailored to suit your pharmacy.
  • Competitive advantage over non-accredited pharmacies.
  • Strong support for continued restrictions relating to the ownership of pharmacies and the sale of pharmacy medicines and pharmacist-only medicines in community pharmacies.
  • A more profitable and better-managed pharmacy.

Benefits for pharmacy employees

  • Empowerment to set procedures.
  • Knowledge of their role and duties, including how they are integrated into the pharmacy team, and the limitations of their role.
  • Capacity to continuously improve their own performance against the standards set.
  • A more satisfying and fulfilling job as a result of the higher levels of service achieved.

Benefits for pharmacy customers

  • A higher level of professional and customer service.
  • Assurance that the pharmacy conforms to industry and professional standards.
  • Confidence that the pharmacy has mechanisms in place to identify and eradicate any customer issues or problems.
  • Confidence that pharmacy staff are trained to refer the best level of assistance, and that they will not provide advice in areas outside their area of responsibility.
  • A pharmacy team dedicated to meeting customers’ health care needs and providing excellent customer care.

Benefits for organisations which remunerate pharmacies

  • Assurance that an accredited pharmacy operates according to good practice industry standards.
  • Confidence that an accredited pharmacy is client focused and maintains the industry Standard.
  • Confidence in the way an accredited pharmacy identifies and rectifies any issues or problems.

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