Your QCPP Assessment

Steps to Accreditation

Initial Accreditation
Please take a moment to read the Steps to Accreditation document to assist you prepare for your accreditation. This step-by-step guide will assist you in preparing for accreditation and clearly explains how simple and straight forward the process of accreditation really is.

Ongoing Accreditation
QCPP has developed a Maintenance Checklist and Assessment Guide to assist you keep on track for your upcoming re-accreditation. 

Note: If your pharmacy has never been assessed or your accreditation has lapsed, please call 1300 363 340 and request for an assessor to be allocated to you.

QCPP Assessments 

    • Your pharmacy is encouraged to check that they are ready to be assessed, the assessment readiness checklist can assist you in your preparations.
    • Ernst & Young (EY) will contact the pharmacy between 45 and 90 days prior to your reaccreditation due date to book an assessment, followed up with an email with pre-assessment confirmation of pharmacy’s information, address, pharmacy point of contact, best contact number on the day of assessment, date and time of assessment and the Assessor’s name. Other documentation included is “Preparing for your QCPP Assessment”.
    • 15 Days prior to the pharmacies assessment EY sends a reminder email to the pharmacy of their upcoming assessment, followed up by a phone call within 48 hours to confirm the assessment.
    • Your allocated assessor will contact you two or three business days prior to your scheduled assessment for final confirmation and should arrive at the agreed time on the agreed date. QCPP endorsed assessors are bound by the Assessor Code of Conduct.

Scheduling your assessment

EY’s scheduling team will contact your pharmacy to confirm your accreditation date. In order to schedule all 5000+ assessments centrally and efficiently, EY can only exercise limited flexibility in the scheduling process. While EY will try to be flexible where possible, it is up to the pharmacy to accommodate the assessment date.

All pharmacies should be ready to be assessed under the program at any point, and therefore variations to the identified assessment date can only be granted in exceptional circumstances.

Exceptional circumstances are considered to be events that have an immediate impact in the pharmacy’s ability to deliver regular services and where the pharmacy has done all reasonable action to mitigate impact to maintain their reaccreditation (out of the pharmacy’s control). Examples might include a recent burglary or fire, significant renovations, or natural disaster. Consideration will also be provided where the pharmacy is moving location.  

The following are not considered to be exceptional circumstances, and will not result in a reschedule:

  • The pharmacy needs more time to prepare for the assessment
  • The relevant QCPP coordinator does not work on the scheduled day 
  • The pharmacy would prefer their assessment as close as possible to their accreditation date
  • The pharmacy is low on staff due to annual leave/standard rostering on specific days of the week 
  • The pharmacy is under new management (in this circumstance the owner should consider applying for an extension) 
  • Staff changes (e.g. new QCPP coordinator appointed)

Cost of assessment

Pharmacies receive one on-site QCPP Assessment as part of their annual accreditation fee. For more information about QCPP fees please visit the Costs page.

Changing and cancelling appointments

Prior to your reaccreditation date, should you need to change or cancel your booked assessment you must get in touch with EY. Note that changing or cancelling your assessment date with less than 10 calendar days’ notice will incur a cancellation fee equivalent to the $880 assessment fee as well as any travel costs that may already have been incurred.

Day 0  0 to 10 days before onsite assessment 11 days before onsite assessment
Day of onsite 
Cancellations within this time frame will incur a cancellation charge Cancellations after 5pm AEST on this day are considered to be within the 10 day cancellation period

If you wish to be assessed after your reaccreditation date you must inform EY of your intention and submit a Reaccreditation Extension to QCPP from the QCPP website here. Important: a Reaccreditation Extension will only be considered if it is exceptional circumstances, therefore you are encouraged to prepare early for your assessment. 

Closing your remedial actions identified at assessment

For resolution of remedial actions after your assessment, the pharmacy is still to continue to liaise with EY for submission of evidence. To avoid any delays in processing your accreditation, it is encouraged that all remedial actions be actioned as soon as possible. Assessments with unresolved remedial actions three months after the assessment date may be issued a Failure to Complete and will have to undergo and pay for another assessment to be considered for accreditation. Remedial action extensions may be issued for exceptional circumstances by completing a Remedial Action extension request through the QCPP website here.

Should you wish to dispute any remedial action issued, please complete a Remedial Review Request form for the QCPP Interpretations and Rulings Panel for review. If you are not satisfied with the outcome of your Remedial Review Request you may lodge an appeal by emailing or completing a feedback form.


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