QCPP Branch Staff

State Managers

The QCPP State Managers are located in the Guild’s State and Territory Branches. QCPP State Managers are available to provide pharmacies with information and advice regarding all aspects of the Quality Care Pharmacy Program.

The main duties of QCPP State Managers are to:

  • promote the program to community pharmacists and their staff
  • facilitate communication between community pharmacies and QCPP National
  • conduct visits to non-accredited pharmacies to assist with implementation, and to provide help and advice as required
  • conduct visits to accredited pharmacies to ensure that the QCPP standards continue to be applied  to assist pharmacies with maintenance of the Standard
  • encourage accredited pharmacies to continue quality improvement with respect to service delivery
  • communicate with QCPP National to achieve the best possible outcomes for the program
  • assist in promoting the accreditation of pharmacies to the general community
  • facilitate regular meetings with local representatives of the Pharmaceutical Society of Australia (PSA), the Pharmacy Board, marketing groups, wholesalers and other industry bodies to ensure that the desired outcomes and philosophy of the program are met
  • provide monthly progress reports to QCPP National
  • achieve the outcomes and targets of the program as determined by QCPP National.

Branch Staff

Other QCPP staff are available in larger state branches to assist QCPP State Managers with the implementation of QCPP.

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