Pharmacy Transformation Committee 

The Pharmacy Transformation Committee provides oversight and governance for QCPP.

Partiality Committee

The Partiality Committee meets at least annually to ensure open and transparent decision making within QCPP program matters

Standards Committee

The Standards Committee is structured as a Secretariat and has two subcommittees. In general the responsibilities of the Subcommittees are to provide a review process and opportunities for development of new or improved standards. It will also be the role of the Subcommittees to assist with the interpretation of the standards. 

Interpretations and Rulings Panel

The Interpretations and Rulings Panel commenced in February 2013 and meets fortnightly to consider all queries or requests for interpretations and rulings of QCPP requirements. It is the intention of the Interpretations and Rulings Panel that the Implementation Information and Rulings Guide will be revised monthly to include all determinations arising from the Interpretations and Rulings Panel discussions, and to assist in the communication of the Interpretations and Rulings Panel outcomes.


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