​FAQs - Changes to Assessment Services

We are pleased to announce the QCPP Assessment Services open tender has been completed and confirm the successful tenderer is Ernst and Young (EY).

EY submitted a considered tender application that scored highly on all aspects of evaluation: governance, capability, solution, capacity, past performance and price. EY’s independent solution delivers QCPP assessment services across Australia, with many value-adding capabilities, and demonstrates a strong alignment and commitment to achieving the strategic direction of both the Guild and QCPP.

We are looking forward to a collaborative partnership with EY in the provision of QCPP assessment services.

We are currently working to enable a smooth transition of assessment services and anticipate assessments will commence by mid-July 2016. Dates will be confirmed over the next two weeks and key milestones will be communicated to branches as soon as possible.

QCPP Accredited pharmacies due for assessment in quarter one of 2016/17 will be contacted over the next two weeks to ensure they are aware and are comfortable with the transition process.

Ongoing QCPP Accredited pharmacy communication will occur over the coming weeks.

The following FAQs address how the changes may affect you and your assessment.

Who will be performing QCPP Assessments?

Ernst and Young (EY) will coordinate and perform all QCPP accreditation assessments, commencing in July 2016.

To ensure QCPP continues to offer professional assessment services, an open tender process was undertaken. EY have been the successful tenderer through this its professional and transparent process.

We anticipate a seamless transition to EY assessment services.

Will my assessment remain the same?

Yes - QCPP assessments will continue to occur in accordance with the QCPP requirements, and QCPP Program and Assessment Rules. 

It is essential you book your assessment at the earliest available date to ensure your accreditation requirements can be completed in a timely fashion.  

Accredited pharmacies will receive assessment booking information through EY and email monitoring of remedial action closure. Queries relating to your assessment date should be directed to EY on 1800 089 570.

IS EY going to do an accounting audit?

No - EY will continue to perform QCPP assessments in accordance with QCPP requirements, and QCPP program and assessment rules.

Will there be a change in my assessor?

Most probably. EY has a professional and highly skilled assessor workforce and as per  QCPP program requirements, a highly trained QCPP assessor is allocated to your pharmacy to provide assessment services.  

Will the cost of assessments remain the same?

Yes -  QCPP fees will remain unchanged.

Will the assessment process remain the same?

Yes -  EY will adopt the current QCPP assessment process and will ensure the consistent application of QCPP requirements and QCPP program and assessment rules. 

Can I provide feedback?

Yes - As a quality management system we are very keen to hear your feedback. All feedback will be included in our continuous improvement process. QCPP will also maintain close communication with EY to ensure both parties continue to improve services provided to your pharmacy.

Who do I contact if I have a concern?

QCPP Helpline 1300 363 340 is available for your assistance.

Will I still be accredited by QCPP, or by EY?

Yes -  You will still be accredited by QCPP. EY is simply coordinating the assessment services on behalf of the Guild. QCPP has undertaken QCPP assessments through a contractual arrangement for many years and the new process is simply a change in the contracted provider

Will my eligibility notifications to 6CPA remain the same?

Yes - There are no changes to the eligibility notification process.

What are the qualifications and backgrounds of the EY QCPP Assessors?

The QCPP endorsed EY assessors have been drawn from EY’s specialist audit practice. All the assessors are professionally trained auditors of non-financial information and management system effectiveness. EY’s assessment team comes with broad technical backgrounds and includes pharmacists, engineers, private investigators, accountants, scientists and lawyers. They have extensive experience in performing on-site audits over a broad range of management systems including health and safety, quality, environment, financial, human resources, energy and water management systems.

EY’s QCPP Assessors are professionally trained and qualified auditors and have completed specific QCPP and pharmacy related training in order to be endorsed by the QCPP Program. In addition, all EY’s assessors are trained through on-site assessments by experienced QCPP assessors from the previous contract prior to being deployed. Their focus on-site will be to ensure that QCPP requirements are being met through the application of a risk-based, outcomes-focused assessment process.



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