QCPP currently oversees the assessment and accreditation process of over five thousand pharmacies nationally. We are seeking to continually increase pharmacy satisfaction levels and drive a more outcomes focused approach. This includes improving the management and delivery of our QCPP Assessment Services.

A requirement of the Joint Accreditation System of Australia & New Zealand (JAS-ANZ) under which QCPP is accredited is to use an allocation model for assessments. When a pharmacy is due for reaccreditation, or if you are requesting to become accredited for the first time, you will be allocated a QCPP assessment services provider, who will then contact you in order to arrange an appointment time.

Changes to assessment services

The Pharmacy Guild of Australia, Quality Care Pharmacy Program (QCPP), issued a Request for Tender to provide “Quality Care Pharmacy Program (QCPP) Assessment Services” in March,2016. The successful tender has now been announced. Please see the media release for details.


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